Approved:  04-10-2015

Snow Removal Map 

1)      Main Street, Kearny County Fire Department drive entrances and the streets surrounding the Hospital (Thorpe Street, Harold’s Place, Thelma’s Place and Court Place) to allow for commercial and emergency traffic.  US Highway 50 is maintained by KDOT.  If City streets leading to US Highway 50 are plowed shut, we will open them as resources allow in the event that KDOT does not choose to open them.  Snow will generally be removed in these areas as soon as is practical to ensure adequate room for parking and traffic.

2)      Bopp Blvd.

3)      If school will be held that day, the City will prioritize snow removal along Kingman Avenue from Bopp Blvd. to Campbell Street; and on Campbell Street from US Highway 50 to Wayne Avenue as needed.  This may also include other streets surrounding school buildings if accumulation is great enough to impede traffic.

4)      Lincoln Avenue from Lakin Street to Kansas Street if accumulation is significant.

5)      Kendall Avenue if accumulation is significant.

6)      Valley gutters will be cleared at the following intersections as weather conditions and equipment availability allow.  On Kansas Street from Prairie Avenue to Waterman Avenue; on Lakin Street from Lincoln Avenue to Waterman Avenue, Buffalo Street at Kingman Avenue, Lincoln Avenue, and Waterman Avenue.

7)      Depending on storm conditions some street on the edges of town that experience drifting and significant accumulation.

8)      As snow melts the City will ask for cooperation to ensure that we can move melt water away quickly along the following routes.

a.       On Russell Road from O’Loughlin Street to Cemetery Road.

b.      On Wayne Avenue, Garfield Street, Lincoln Avenue from Garfield Street to Western Street and on Western Street south to the drainage ditch.

9)      Alleys will be cleared only in event that refuse or electric services need access and find an alley impassable.

10)  If a property has angle parking inset from the curb line, it is the responsibility of the landowner to clear the parking area.


Salt and Sand Operations:

The City will apply sand or a salt/sand mixture at controlled intersections throughout the City.  Priority will be:

1.      Business Districts and Hospital/Health facilities

2.      Streets surrounding school facilities.

3.      Other controlled intersections as needed.



       Brine will be applied to the length of Main Street if conditions are suitable for
       application.  This is done with the assistance of KDOT.